Ian Walker EAGMA (Cand)

Ian has painted since childhood, having been greatly encouraged by his late uncle James Henry Jerram, who was a member of EAGMA in its early days and apart from basic O and A level Art studies at school, he is self-taught.
Having spent a career in the NHS, at the sharp end of the operating theatre, painting became a welcome safety valve and he now paints for pleasure.

He has fond memories, whilst studying in London in the 1970’s, of times spent painting views along the Thames on Saturday mornings together with his late uncle.
This further stimulated his love of marine subjects, especially the images of old tea clippers and late nineteenth and early twentieth century views of sail barges, and steam ships that were the spirit of the river Thames, as depicted in the works of W. Wylie, C. Dixon, A. Briscoe and other notable artists of the day.

In addition to marinescapes he also paints landscapes and has recently taken up the challenge of portraiture.