Constitution, Aims and Rules
(Revised April 2017)

1. The name shall be The East Anglian Group of Marine Artists (hereinafter referred to as The Group).
Its Constitution shall be: President, Chairman, Executive Committee, and Members.
East Anglia is the root-base of the Group but shall not impose a geographical limit upon the location of either member or subject.

2. The aims of The Group are:
a) To encourage and promote high standards in the traditions of Fine Art.
b) To arrange public exhibitions of the members’ work and to promote the Group wherever possible.
c) To arrange painting & social events.

3. The financial year of the Group shall be from 1st February to 31st January.

4. Membership
Qualification: The production of high quality marine art.
Membership of the Group shall be open to professional and semi-professional artists whose work expresses any aspect of the marine subject regardless of medium.
Members’ work for exhibition shall feature marine subjects with a section representing other interests.
The Group shall comprise of thirty-five members, maximum, including the President.
Applicants for membership will be invited to submit to the membership committee a C.V. plus sketchbooks or source material and a number of marine works to be considered for candidature.
Candidate membership will last for one year when they may be elected to Associate Membership at the AGM.
Candidate members shall be required to exhibit with the Group on two occasions and to make work available for viewing at the AGM when elections take place.

Associate Members will be required to show commitment to the group over a period of not less than 2 years (and a maximum of 5) and have exhibited consistently at a number of group exhibitions. Associate members will be required to provide 2 to 4 works for viewing at the AGM when their election to Full Member is to be decided.

Associate and candidate Members may exhibit up to 3 works at group exhibitions. They may attend all group exhibitions and functions including the AGM but will have no voting rights. Associate Members will have the right to use the letters AEAGMA in conjunction with their name for professional purposes. Associate Membership fees will be set at £35.00. 

Election to full membership will be by majority vote by members present at the AGM. New members shall be notified of their election without delay; provided with a copy of the rules of the Group and a request for payment of the annual subscription.

Membership shall not be valid until this is paid when by so doing the new member accepts the privileges and obligations of the Group.

Upon enquiry or by introduction by a member of the Group and subject to an existing membership vacancy, a full member of the R.S.M.A. may be invited to become a member of E.A.G.M.A.

Full members of the Group are entitled to use the letters EAGMA in conjunction with their name for professional purposes.

All members are expected to support, as far as possible, the aims and activities of the Group and to participate in its management.

Resignation from the Group must be in writing at least thirty days before annual subscriptions are due or the member shall be liable for payment of a further year’s subscription.

The Committee may elect Honorary Life Members from time to time. This will apply to existing members of EAGMA who are no longer able to take part in the activities of the Group, in recognition of their contribution to the Group. The Honorary Life Members will be additional to the numbers indicated in Rule 4 above. Honorary Life Members may exhibit at Group exhibitions but be limited to half a full Member’s entry. Honorary Life members may attend General Meetings of the Group but are not entitled to vote.

If any member, excluding Honorary Members, fails to exhibit at four consecutive exhibitions and/or fails to participate in any of the groups social activities for a period of 2 years without good reason, the Committee shall have the right to review their continued membership. 

5. Administration
The administration and financial control of the Group shall be vested in the Executive Committee, which shall consist of the following:
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Press and Publicity Officer
Three Members
A quorum shall be four members of the Executive Committee.

With the exception of the President, the Executive Committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Officers of the Executive committee shall serve for a term of no more than 5 years. They must then stand down for a period of one year before being eligible for re- election.

The positions of Chairman and Secretary may be taken by suitably qualified persons who are not members of the Group.

The President’s term of office shall be for three years and then he shall stand down but may offer himself for re-election at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of the office becoming vacant during the term, the Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint a successor for a specified period. The President shall preside at
the Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings and the Chairman shall preside at Executive Committee Meetings.

The President, with four elected members, shall form the Membership Committee, which will be responsible for all matters related to membership & members.
The elected members may serve for three consecutive years but be ineligible to serve a fourth.

The Annual General Meeting shall be in March on a date to be fixed by the Executive Committee.
Fourteen days’ notice of this meeting with the agenda shall be circulated by the Hon. Secretary to all members.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by any three members. Notice of such a meeting must be sent to the Hon. Secretary at least three weeks before the date of the meeting in order to allow him/her to circularise all members giving the requisite fourteen days’ notice and setting out the reasons for the meeting.

Voting Procedure:
In matters requiring approval, a count of hands shall suffice.
All elections shall be conducted properly by ballot.
Two scrutineers shall be appointed at each election to collect and count the votes and to inform the Presiding Officer of the result.

The Executive Committee may invite eminent persons living in or having connection with East Anglia, to become patrons. In general, patrons should have an interest in ships and the sea and/or a keen knowledge or interest in marine painting. For purposes of definition, East Anglia is broadly defined as the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.


a)  The Hon. Secretary shall be responsible for circularising members, Hon. Members and patrons as necessary, arranging Executive Committee meetings and acting as the link between the President, Chairman, Executive Committee and members. He/she shall deal with enquiries from the public and keep records of the Group’s correspondence.

b)  The Hon. Treasurer shall keep proper records of all financial transactions of the Group and present the accounts at the Annual General Meeting. He shall deal with members’ subscriptions and bring to account all donations and gifts and he will deal with any taxation matters that may arise. Generally he will make all authorised payments on behalf of the Group.

c)  The Membership Secretary shall deal with applications for membership, preparing such applications for consideration by members at the AGM. Deal with enquiries from the public

d)  Minutes Secretary shall prepare minutes of the AGM and Executive Committee meetings and circulate them to members as appropriate

e)  The Press and Publicity Officer shall be responsible for arranging publicity for group exhibitions, will be responsible for public relations matters in co-operation with the Secretary, along with press releases and promotional material.

The annual subscription shall be fixed by resolution at the Annual General Meeting and shall be payable thereon or on being accepted as a member.

No member whose subscription is in arrears will be eligible to enter work for the Group’s exhibitions without the consent of the Executive Committee. A member whose subscription is more than six months in arrears will, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, have his or her membership terminated after due notice has been given.

Alteration to Rules
Alteration to the rules shall only be made by resolution at a General Meeting. Members wishing to propose a change or addition must send a resolution in writing to the Hon. Secretary in time for this to appear on the agenda and to be circulated with the notice convening the meeting fourteen days beforehand.